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Simple, powerful CI for iOS and Android.
Re-build, Re-test, Re-deploy.

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Automated Testing

Supports UI tests and unit tests.
On simulators and real devices.

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Mobile is different. Build like it. is purpose-built to support and streamline mobile development workflows. Use it to automate your build-test-deploy cycles, and ship quality Apps faster.

iOS and Android supports the latest toolchains, languages and OS releases including Xcode 6, Swift, iOS 8 and Android L. Gradle support for Android allows flexible handling of build steps across different target devices and app variants with just a few lines of code.

Configure less.
Code more. automatically detects and configures native Android and iOS projects so your team can focus on creating code, not environment configurations. Simplified setup options help you build great apps across multiple operating systems, versions and device screen densities.

Deliver 5-star Apps, Faster

It's compiled! Now what? automates and streamlines testing and distribution.

Automated testing on simulators and real devices

Quickly and efficiently run automated unit tests on every build.

Perform tests on real Android phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads and iPad Minis with our AppThwack integration.

Features you'll love

Git Integration

  • BitBucket
  • GitHub
  • Self hosted repositories

Automated Deployment

  • HockeyApp

Testing Frameworks

  • UIAutomation
  • XCTest
  • OCUnit

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